I’m Will.

I’m twenty-three. I live in seattle. How’s it going?

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things I do.

I nerd over tech.
I ride public transit.
I pedal my bicycle.
I introvert. vigorously.


I hate autobiographies. Primarily because I can never fully summarize myself in them – partly because I generally fail to understand myself, and mostly because I just talk too much when I’m in the mood to actually talk – “loquaciously garrulous” is how some have described me.
So, the short summary: I love the City of Seattle, and living in it. I work at Tableau Software in IT Operations. I worship Jesus with my friends at Mars Hill Rainier Valley. I decided to not own a car when moving to Seattle, but walk, bike, or take transit instead. I’m somewhat shy and introverted in person. I love beautiful stores.


skype: compboy1
twitter: @kilodelta